The Bloodybits Horror Show!!

The Bloodybits Horror Show is weekly great show .I love listening to the podcast! You are all hilarious..Also it is funny, interesting, and it is very good use of time🕝🕝🕝..

Love the unique selection

As a fan of the “disturbing” movies genre, I really appreciate them getting some attention and especially from a quality show. Great job!

Eddie is hilarious and knows his flicks

Loved Eddie and his Charles Bronson roasts on the Grindbin Podcast - this podcast is hosted by him and is killer as well. Highly recommended!


Clawing into the pit of chaotic,soul sucking,dark crescendo of awesomeness!!!!!

Keep it coming!

Love the show and all the guests Eddie and Tim have on.

Love it to bits

Bloodybits is a celebration of all things horror. The episodes are varied across all of pop culture, and the inclusion of guests helps keep the conversations fresh. Everyone has a passion and love for the genre that comes across to the listener while avoiding being too critical or self-serious. Give this a listen and subscribe now!

My favorite Russian mobster

Love me some Eddie and love me some Bloodybits Horror Show. Eddie puts a ton of effort and creativity into his show and it pays off. The show features real conversations with guests that honestly all bring something a little different to the show.

Ed Head’s Unite

It’s Eddie, what can I say. I never know what to expect but he’s always entertaining. Great guests and fun discussions. Listen and share with a friend.

A horror show that keeps me company!

An excellent podcast overall, one that must be listened to by fans of the genre. Eddie and his friends keep me company during these times. Eddie really knows horror, and has this hilarious conversational way to think and talk.

Listen to one show and you’ll be hooked!

I’ve heard Eddie guest on other podcast and he’s always makes the show better. So now he has a podcast all about horror and so far it’s gotten better each show.