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River City Ransom

What happens when you mix a Double Dragon style beat-em up, with casual RPG elements? You get...

Fatal Labyrinth

Fatal Labyrinth on the Sega Genesis was a shining example of Sega, being ahead of the market....

Blaster Master

Blaster Master on the NES fits snugly into a warm dark place in my heart. Nestled between...


Rygar is a strange story. Tecmo made it as an arcade game. Then, it was ported over...

Haunting starring polterguy

So picture this. You play as a rebellious teenage ghost with a leather jacket, and a mohawk. You are...

Clash at Demonhead

Clash at Demonhead is a guilty pleasure of mine. It is a  non-linear side scrolling metroidvania game...

Stupid Back to the future

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Trailer for The Bitter End!


This has been a long time coming. For the last 3 years I’ve been updating this blog, collecting games, making music, videos, reviews. All the while I had this project in mind. A web series in which I challenge all the toughest games from my childhood. So now I have the stage set, the games at my disposal, and the fortitude to see it through. Ladies and gentlemen, The trailer.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5sDXTQG6R0   Please take the time to show your support for this project. Donate, tell a friend, post it on your facebook, twitter, reddit, gaming forum, use a knife and carve it into the bathroom wall. Whatever it... Read On

Update. Game center.


So, been a little busy over the weekend. After some healing on my stupid right foot. (Thanks a lot Hyper-mobile big toe on my right foot) I did some work today. So how about an update on the game center?         Support the project. http://kck.st/ABGJZa   Eddie Read On

Upcoming web series. Need your support!

Hello everybody. I just wanted to post an update. First of all, I am glad you are enjoying our podcast. Remember to subscribe in itunes. More episodes coming every other week! Now on to the news. Currently bloodybits is in the process of starting a REALLY big project. Which we will need your help with!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls36NeQAdDM   So please support us at  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/569946899/bloodybits-web-series-the-bitter-end Eddie Read On

Bloodybits podcast ep 2

Hello everybody.   I hope you are enjoyed the first show, cause turns out I liked making it. So we would like to present to you episode 2 of the podcast. This time I interview Mike Gomez. A member of the 501st. What does that mean? It means he makes things like this.   And dresses like this. Though it’s not all about the costumes. He attends some pretty cool events.     So, we talk about star wars, games, and more. Check it out. Eddie Read On

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