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Review: Black Mirror Episode 1....

It’s all an attention getting device, and it started back in the 18th century. The town crier...

Dude Bro Party Massacre 3

We are living in a satirical world, and I am a satirical girl… Or boy. Dude Bro...

Update. Game center.


So, been a little busy over the weekend. After some healing on my stupid right foot. (Thanks a lot Hyper-mobile big toe on my right foot) I did some work today. So how about an update on the game center?         Support the project. http://kck.st/ABGJZa   Eddie Read On

Bloodybits podcast ep 2

Hello everybody.   I hope you are enjoyed the first show, cause turns out I liked making it. So we would like to present to you episode 2 of the podcast. This time I interview Mike Gomez. A member of the 501st. What does that mean? It means he makes things like this.   And dresses like this. Though it’s not all about the costumes. He attends some pretty cool events.     So, we talk about star wars, games, and more. Check it out. Eddie Read On

Bloodybits podcast ep 1

Hello. Our first podcast! This is the beginning of something beautiful. Time for the first episode of the bloodybits podcast. In this episode I talk with Mark Zempel. Voice actor for Hiro in Lunar Eternal Blue. Lunar II: Eternal Blue for Sega CD (Some deviant art fan art for you, as mentioned in the show.   A special thanks to F.M Belfast for our intro music, and Mindless Self Indulgence for their musical contributions to the blog. I’ll do the Megaman podcast soon enough for you Jimmy!     Check out F.M Belfast at. http://fmbelfast.com/ And Mindless Self Indulgence at. http://www.mindlessselfindulgence.com/   Eddie Read On

Boogerman; Sticking Up to Expectations?


When I was a child, maybe 10 or so, I had Boogerman on the Sega Genesis. I had fond memories of belching on enemies, jumping around collecting floating fistfuls of boogers, killing Boogie-Monsters with a well aimed flick of a precious peridot. Gracefully diving from branch to branch in eerie-faced trees, and flushing myself down toilets. I never knew the aim of the game more than “get from point A to point B without melting into snot.” My stomach is much weaker now, as the completely mature 22 year old woman I am today. Just typing that above made me queasy. I’ve grown into such a pussy. Anyway, I... Read On

Keep the Christ outta my NES!

I am so glad that I was raised in a non church-going household. Sure I had to suffer the slings and arrows of my peers in grade school. Telling me I was going to hell because I did not go to church. Telling me that I was throwing up in the bathroom because the devil was making me do it. But one thing I never had to suffer was shit like this.       So, what is Spiritual Warfare on the NES. Well, come sit a while, and listen. You see, back in the late 80’s Tengen, and Color Dreams were making unlicensed games for the NES. As... Read On

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