There was a HOLE here… It’s gone now.

I was recently dinking around on Google Image Search when I came across this NES-esque game coverart. Soundless Mountain 2. At first I thought it was just a creative piece done by a fan of Silent Hill 2, but with a little digging, I discovered some indie developer, called Superflat Games, de-made my beloved SH2. With my wistful affinity for 8-bit art, and my fervor for all things SIlent Hill, I immediately demanded Eddie get it for me. You can get it too, here


I wouldn’t say that this is for the NES, as the fog is too complex, as is some of the animation (ie. “Jake”‘s walking animation). I’d say it’s more SNES-era, graphically. Silent Hill 2 was really well represented. The music translates over really well to the midi “NES-sound”, and the 8-bit art captures each scene very closely.. Which is pretty crazy to observe. That said, this game really gives you a new appreciation for the depth of the atmosphere in older survival horror games, even today, when compared to the graphical limitations of the 8-bit aesthetic.

Written by: Alyssa

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