The dream(cast) is alive! New Sega console info leaked!

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A leaked press release hit the internet late last night, in which Hajime Satomi announced Sega planned to dive back into the console market by Christmas 2012!!! Talk about great news for all us retro gamers.

Here is the rundown of this alleged upcoming console:

  • Based on Sega’s RingEdge arcade board
  • Aims to compete with the Wii’s successor on the casual side, while appealing to the hard core gamers as well.
  • HD Graphics
  • Comes with two controllers: One motion-sensing for casual games and the other, based on the Saturn’s 3D controller, for “hardcore” games
  • First announcement expected early 2012
  • Release date Holiday Season 2012
  • Price range $200-$250

Sega’s new console, codename Eclipse, looks to be picking up right where the Dreamcast left off. To compete with the big boys, Microsoft and Sony, Sega plans to have a “Fully realized, feature rich online experience. With no subscription fees. and a focus on releasing quality console exclusive titles.”

With sequels to the popular Jet Grind Radio, and Skies of Arcadia already in the works. Sega just might be on the right path.  Though in my opinion, the console world has changed a lot since the Dreamcast. Sure, when it came out it was way ahead of it’s time. However is Sega really ready to throw in with the likes of Microsoft? Only time will tell. More info on the new console, some games, and more technical aspects available on the Press Release video .


Written by: Eddie

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