Marilyn Manson SAY10 release date missed

Radio silence from Marilyn Manson. Valentines day came, and went. Where is my fucking SAY10 album?

The upcoming album SAY10 originally scheduled for release on Valentines day still isn’t available. With no reason given, and no updates posted, many fans are feeling stood up by the shock rocker.
This comes following the controversial video teaser for the album, featuring a beheaded man, dressed remarkably similarly to Donald Trump. This video released so close to the election drew ire from Trump supporters, and the public in general as being in poor taste. Sorry pussy grabbers, art criticizes life. Get used to it.

So far, the only communication from the Manson camp has been a tweet from Tyler Shields.. Who assisted Manson in producing the SAY10 teaser video. Just two little words. Sorry guys. For what? Why do you feel like you need to apologize? A communication that leave more questions than answers.

Tweet from videographer Tyler shields


I’ve been reaching out to manson, twiggy, and even the actor who played Paul from the wonder years. I figured someone should have some update on the album status. Sadly, the only information I could find was a number of record stores claiming the album will be available physically in June. But in this digital age, who really gives a good god damn? Nothing is up on iTunes, Google Play, the Amazon store, or even the Zune Marketplace.

Well, on the plus side, we can all say we got fucked on Valentines day. And by the god of fuck himself!



Written by: Eddie

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