Let’s Get Shitty Show EP04 – The Kritter Salute

Hello everybody. It’s time for you’re weekly dose of the Let’s get shitty show!

This week… It’s story time! Raptor men, Human puppets, and the finality of technology.


Our Intro music is The Charmer Louis Farrakhan – Is She Is or Is She Ain’t Christine

Outro music is the bloodybits theme

by Diamondback Manhunter @dbackmanhunter

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Written by: Eddie

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@dickmasterson That would have been higher, had the Car rental company not fucked me friday! Thanks @Enterprise
It's a good thing Pennywise was in Maine, and not San Diego. He'd get Hep A from the hobo poop.
#IfItWerentForDogs we could sleep a full night. fuck neighbors barking dogs https://t.co/WbonOF1bch

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