Let’s Get Shitty Show – EP 20 Every breath we take…

Hello and welcome back.
Episode20 y’all. sound quality is great, and sucks. Great because we have a secret helper from across the pond, sucks because i put WAY too much gain in it, and you can hear i guess our breathing? I don’t know.

Hey, I’m learning. I got a new audio interface, and it takes time. I don’t want you guys going without

Other big news… D&D podcast around the corner! Stay tuned.

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Written by: Eddie

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Monthly subscription services like blue apron, and weird clothes boxes are surrogate mothers of the digital age.
@kobunheat I thought it was weird he kept referring to Thailand as Siam, and talking about how he wanted to eat it...
People get all butt hurt about loot boxes and micro-transactions in games like they never bought pokemon/magic card packs. #WednesdayWisdom

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