16 Alyssa says the (s)n-word!

All you trumpers rejoice! Alyssa is here to defend your use of a dog whistle racist term! Cause you know. Every perceived transgression is real. Be careful on that slope, it’s a bit slippery! I try and unite her with her supporters, but you know how niggardly she can be with her friendship. Sorry guys.

Some movie discussion, we watched weird science. I saw it once back when I was like 11, and thought it was stupid. Turns out I was right. Although there was a great scene where the boys go to a blues club, get wasted, and act like black people. That was pretty good.

In other news, we are back from our summer vacation, and rather than pictures I have a very descriptive instruction on fucking an R.O.B. So that is a plus. Then we get into proper fleshlight cleaning and maintenance.

We talk about super powers. I want to become the specter of death to all those who cross me, Alyssa wants to be a fly, or a mole or some shit so she can get closer to President Trump. Weird. Some news on the show, game stuff, and we eat more mexican garbage.

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Written by: Eddie

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