Let’s Get Shitty Show EP 14 – Now you’re a man!.

Hello folks.

Before you bitch, yeah it’s late, and you know what? next episode I’m flying solo. Also, there isn’t a break song/me picking on autistic person. If this upsets you, I’ll send you a refund.

Episode 14, and boy. what an episode. Am I right? This week we take your questions, talk some shit about politics, trumpcare, etc. Then I ramble on about what makes people a man, and give up.

Wrapping it up with a real nice bow.

Also, the weird rib burger at carl’s jr sucks. Don’t get it.

Then we eat this horrible mexican “candy” I guess?

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Written by: Eddie

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@dickmasterson That would have been higher, had the Car rental company not fucked me friday! Thanks @Enterprise
It's a good thing Pennywise was in Maine, and not San Diego. He'd get Hep A from the hobo poop.
#IfItWerentForDogs we could sleep a full night. fuck neighbors barking dogs https://t.co/WbonOF1bch

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