Ok, so the dream is dead.

Hello all. In case you didn’t notice the date I posted the Dreamcast article, sadly it was April 1st. Thus there is no real new Sega console coming now, or any time in the near future. However, the April fools links will remain up. Here is the Chiptune rendition of

Feelin kinda chip-(tune)-er

god did I crowbar that pun in. Anyhow what is up all my bloodybits fans?  We here at the blog figured you could use a little boost this friday,  so decided to step outside of our gamer shells for a bit, and bring you something kidna catchy. Why not a


@dickmasterson That would have been higher, had the Car rental company not fucked me friday! Thanks @Enterprise
It's a good thing Pennywise was in Maine, and not San Diego. He'd get Hep A from the hobo poop.
#IfItWerentForDogs we could sleep a full night. fuck neighbors barking dogs

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