The Spoony Bards EP06- Nintendo Hard

Hello and welcome to The spoony Bards episode 6. This week we will be discussing Nintendo Hard! What makes a video game hard? Is Dark Souls 3 a hard game? All this and more is discussed. Links from the show. Super Mario Bros Beaten live in 4:57.260 New record! Watch

The Spoony Bards – Ep04 Silent HIll 2

Hello again. I know in episode 3 we teased a Tales From the Crypt episode. However due to technical difficulties, the recording sounds like a butt parade the morning after chili night. So I’ve dug through the archives, and decided to put up an episode about Silent Hill 2. Please

Restless Dreams: A Silent Hill retrospective.

I think even the biggest fan would agree that it can be pretty hit and miss with Konami’s Silent Hill series… Restless Dreams is, to me, (a hermit gamer/film nerd), the best of the array. I first came across the game in 2007 (I was late to the.. game?), in


@dickmasterson That would have been higher, had the Car rental company not fucked me friday! Thanks @Enterprise
It's a good thing Pennywise was in Maine, and not San Diego. He'd get Hep A from the hobo poop.
#IfItWerentForDogs we could sleep a full night. fuck neighbors barking dogs

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