The Spoony Bards EP06- Nintendo Hard

Hello and welcome to The spoony Bards episode 6. This week we will be discussing Nintendo Hard! What makes a video game hard? Is Dark Souls 3 a hard game? All this and more is discussed. Links from the show. Super Mario Bros Beaten live in 4:57.260 New record! Watch

The Spoony Bards – EP05 urban Legends

Hello and welcome to The spoony Bards episode 5. This week we will be discussing video game urban legends. I’m sure most of the research is inaccurate, and entertaining. The way we like it. Links from the show Lavender Town Theme. New easter egg found in Punch-Out!. Visit us on

This weeks game haul. and NEWS!!!

This weeks game haul. Fun stuff, and old times! Lets move in chronological order. Adventure for the Atari 2600. Was really the first top down RPG I can remember. You starred as a dot, a dot with style, and class! You moved around doughnut dragons to pick up objects and

Last weeks game haul. (sorry for the delay)

Well, quite a haul the past 2 weeks. So where to begin.  Cruising by a nasty looking second hand store, we stopped in for a blank vhs cassette. Boy were we surprised. “Say would you happen to have old video games and stuff?” I asked the methhead, er man running

Call me a control(ler) freak

Sticks, buttons, d-pads, triggers, conga drums.  You name it, it’s been a controller.  For this review though, I would like to stick to the basics. First party pack-in controllers for home game consoles. My first experience with A home game console was the Atari 2600. While it’s controller design was


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