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22 Pining For Bush.

Combatting bombs in the garden, they bring the stink. GW Bush the war criminal is an endearing, kooky old painter akin to Jim Carrey compared to the hell tomb that is Trump’s presidency, but we have the answer to save the country! Fuck you, Missouri, my vote deserves more weight.

18 A horrible show for horrible people.

Hi gang i complain about advertising, movies, shitty birds and more. Alyssa joins us again. This time i buster her stylaphone, You’re welcome. We eat more bad mexican candy, and i complain about advertising that’s pro hitler, and anti shit.

16 Alyssa says the (s)n-word!

All you trumpers rejoice! Alyssa is here to defend your use of a dog whistle racist term! Cause you know. Every perceived transgression is real. Be careful on that slope, it’s a bit slippery! I try and unite her with her supporters, but you know how niggardly she can be

15 – Child safe buttholes.

Hello everybody! In this episode, we discuss a few things. The self checkout line, Pander-monium, horrible candy review, and some discussion of Get Out, which is a great movie btw. Visit us on twitter Check us out on itunes!

14 – Now you’re a man!.

Hello folks. Before you bitch, yeah it’s late, and you know what? next episode I’m flying solo. Also, there isn’t a break song/me picking on autistic person. If this upsets you, I’ll send you a refund. Episode 14, and boy. what an episode. Am I right? This week we take

12 – Sweatpants money.

Hello and welcome to the 12th episode of the show. It’s a day late, but fuck you. My back hurts! /end old person rant. This week we take your questions, talk about the nintendo switch, and other stuff, I just edited it, I don’t wanna think about it and remember

07 – Asterios Kokkinos-best?

Hello and welcome to the I dunno, 7th episode of the let’s get shitty show. Though it’s a bit of a departure. Not in the Gillian Anderson plays Blanche DuBois in a prequel to A Streetcar Named Desire kind of way, No, more in the way where I interview comedian,

03 – Weaponized Buttholes

How do you make a stylaphone more phallic? Or vaginal? Why are all women cold blooded lizards? Eddie defends an anti-trump SNL writer? Alyssa of course has a problem with the wall, that starts and ends on her nachos. And finally, biological warfare initiated on children in a video rental

02 – Trumps express checkout line.

Welcome back to episode 2 of the Let’s get shitty show podcast. This week we discuss finding joints in the walls, man eating camels, soda aisle yoga, and throwing the book at Bill Clinton. Visit us on twitter Check us out on itunes!

01 – The war on single moms

Hello again. Posting our first episode of of the Let’s get shitty show. Here it is, and what fun Intro music Come to Daddy – Aphex Twin Ourto music We will Rise – Arch Enemy Visit us on twitter Check us out on itunes!


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