25.Occupy Your Lizard Brain

We got picked up for another season (that’s how these things work, right?), and we’re bringing you even newsier news, even funnier funs, and more EXTREMELY HOT TAKES than ever before. We’re talkin’ bong hit transplants, we’re talkin’ split dicks and murder, we’re talkin’ the totally topical SECOND LIFE, suckaaaahs.

24. Buttholes to Burgers

Fiver Sucksers. This week on the Let’s Get Shitty show, we talk pirating and get absolutely no where with it, and then we discuss a little too deeply why STRANGER THINGS had such a slow start while managing to mostly avoid spoilers. As an update, I got a new version

18 A horrible show for horrible people.

Hi gang i complain about advertising, movies, shitty birds and more. Alyssa joins us again. This time i buster her stylaphone, You’re welcome. We eat more bad mexican candy, and i complain about advertising that’s pro hitler, and anti shit.

16 Alyssa says the (s)n-word!

All you trumpers rejoice! Alyssa is here to defend your use of a dog whistle racist term! Cause you know. Every perceived transgression is real. Be careful on that slope, it’s a bit slippery! I try and unite her with her supporters, but you know how niggardly she can be

15 – Child safe buttholes.

Hello everybody! In this episode, we discuss a few things. The self checkout line, Pander-monium, horrible candy review, and some discussion of Get Out, which is a great movie btw. Visit us on twitter Check us out on itunes!

07 – Asterios Kokkinos-best?

Hello and welcome to the I dunno, 7th episode of the let’s get shitty show. Though it’s a bit of a departure. Not in the Gillian Anderson plays Blanche DuBois in a prequel to A Streetcar Named Desire kind of way, No, more in the way where I interview comedian,

The Spoony Bards – Episode 07. LJN

In this episode, we Discuss the life, and death of the company LJN. You might remember them from such terrible games as the Back to the Future series, Beetlejuice, or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? on the NES. How is it that one company could make so many bad movie games?


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