20 Every breath we take…

Hello and welcome back. Episode20 y’all. sound quality is great, and sucks. Great because we have a secret helper from across the pond, sucks because i put WAY too much gain in it, and you can hear i guess our breathing? I don’t know. Hey, I’m learning. I got a

19 Good Gravy

He guys. Ya busy? No? ok, well here is a new episode of the show where to begin, politics as always, semantics about what even is a gravy, I kill a cat, then talk about how I’m not a step away from being a serial killer. We discuss some super

12 – Sweatpants money.

Hello and welcome to the 12th episode of the show. It’s a day late, but fuck you. My back hurts! /end old person rant. This week we take your questions, talk about the nintendo switch, and other stuff, I just edited it, I don’t wanna think about it and remember

11 – Dungeons and braggin.

Yeah Talking mad shit on UPS for the missing mic (Hence the shitty audio quality) Alyssa goes into her weird data entry fever dreams, I give some RADvice on dungeons and dragons. Also, we drink butter flavored soda, and nearly vomit. I burp into the mic, so you might to.

05 – Cop’s go nuts for…

Hello everyone. Welcome to this weeks episode of the Let’s Get Shitty Show. In this episode, I go nuts on three customer service people. Amazon, steam, and spectrum internet need to get their shit together. We also talk about how a simple doughnut caused a florida cop to retire. And

04 – The Kritter Salute

Hello everybody. It’s time for you’re weekly dose of the Let’s get shitty show! This week… It’s story time! Raptor men, Human puppets, and the finality of technology.   Our Intro music is The Charmer Louis Farrakhan – Is She Is or Is She Ain’t Christine Outro music is the bloodybits

The Spoony Bards – Ep04 Silent HIll 2

Hello again. I know in episode 3 we teased a Tales From the Crypt episode. However due to technical difficulties, the recording sounds like a butt parade the morning after chili night. So I’ve dug through the archives, and decided to put up an episode about Silent Hill 2. Please

Moving, AGAIN. Bloody Updates!

Despite sitting in plastic crates for months, the Bloodybits collection has grown… A bizarre turn of events landed us in the US South, and it’s been quite an adventure. Florida is a stinky little melting pot of tourists, cultures, and of course, those hardy redneck hoarders. That means Floridian flea markets


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