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Let’s Get Shitty Show – EP 17 Just for men.

This time it’s just me, eddie flying solo, without the old ball and chain amirite? This week i go over tech news, introduce a new segment, ed-DIY. and we hear some steamy erotica, suggested to us by listener StuffyUnicorn. Ear bleach. I think that is what we need, holy lord

Marilyn Manson SAY10 release date missed

Radio silence from Marilyn Manson. Valentines day came, and went. Where is my fucking SAY10 album? The upcoming album SAY10 originally scheduled for release on Valentines day still isn’t available. With no reason given, and no updates posted, many fans are feeling stood up by the shock rocker. This comes


Monthly subscription services like blue apron, and weird clothes boxes are surrogate mothers of the digital age.
@kobunheat I thought it was weird he kept referring to Thailand as Siam, and talking about how he wanted to eat it...
People get all butt hurt about loot boxes and micro-transactions in games like they never bought pokemon/magic card packs. #WednesdayWisdom

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