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25.Occupy Your Lizard Brain

We got picked up for another season (that’s how these things work, right?), and we’re bringing you even newsier news, even funnier funs, and more EXTREMELY HOT TAKES than ever before. We’re talkin’ bong hit transplants, we’re talkin’ split dicks and murder, we’re talkin’ the totally topical SECOND LIFE, suckaaaahs.

24. Buttholes to Burgers

Fiver Sucksers. This week on the Let’s Get Shitty show, we talk pirating and get absolutely no where with it, and then we discuss a little too deeply why STRANGER THINGS had such a slow start while managing to mostly avoid spoilers. As an update, I got a new version

22 Pining For Bush.

Combatting bombs in the garden, they bring the stink. GW Bush the war criminal is an endearing, kooky old painter akin to Jim Carrey compared to the hell tomb that is Trump’s presidency, but we have the answer to save the country! Fuck you, Missouri, my vote deserves more weight.

21 The wrong one died.

Want a free abortion? Move to Flint Michigan and have a tall glass of water. With how hard birth control is to acquire in some states, maybe they should bottle it, and sell it. Speaking of birth control, can someone please get all these little children to stop coming up

20 Every breath we take…

Hello and welcome back. Episode20 y’all. sound quality is great, and sucks. Great because we have a secret helper from across the pond, sucks because i put WAY too much gain in it, and you can hear i guess our breathing? I don’t know. Hey, I’m learning. I got a

18 A horrible show for horrible people.

Hi gang i complain about advertising, movies, shitty birds and more. Alyssa joins us again. This time i buster her stylaphone, You’re welcome. We eat more bad mexican candy, and i complain about advertising that’s pro hitler, and anti shit.

17 Just for men.

This time it’s just me, eddie flying solo, without the old ball and chain amirite? This week i go over tech news, introduce a new segment, ed-DIY. and we hear some steamy erotica, suggested to us by listener StuffyUnicorn. Ear bleach. I think that is what we need, holy lord

16 Alyssa says the (s)n-word!

All you trumpers rejoice! Alyssa is here to defend your use of a dog whistle racist term! Cause you know. Every perceived transgression is real. Be careful on that slope, it’s a bit slippery! I try and unite her with her supporters, but you know how niggardly she can be

14 – Now you’re a man!.

Hello folks. Before you bitch, yeah it’s late, and you know what? next episode I’m flying solo. Also, there isn’t a break song/me picking on autistic person. If this upsets you, I’ll send you a refund. Episode 14, and boy. what an episode. Am I right? This week we take

13 – The circumcision rape defense.

Oh hey. I didn’t see you over there. I guess it’s because I was too distracted by the Let’s Get shitty show EP 13! This week we discuss so many many things. Censoring the term Female Genital Mutilation, our top 3 gender swap remakes, and some handy dandy lady life

10 Interview with Diamondback Manhunter

Hello In this episode, I interview our resident music maker, Diamondback Manhunter. We discuss retro games, music, and how you can get started! His Website Twitter SoundCloud Bandcamp   Great stuff, outro music by, well Diamondback Manhunter of course.


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